Crewel Embroidery Long Short

Crewel Embroidery Long & Short Soft Shading

Crewel embroidery employs this interesting Jacobean design, where we use a long & short soft shading in four colors to introduce the gradient into the embroidery texture. Check out this amazing, ageless design and we bring to you a tutorial brought by The Crewel Work Company. It is our responsibility as recipients of these incredible…

Ribbon Embroidery Flower

Ribbon Embroidery Rose Pattern

This is a beautiful ribbon embroidery rose pattern. It does take some skill and a keen eye to place the rose petals right and to make the flower look beautiful and realistic. With this video tutorial, you can make the pauses to ensure your placements are right before continuing. Enjoy! Use soft silk ribbons. Flowers…

Japanese Embroidery

Beautiful Japanese Embroidery

The Japanese embroidery is a brilliant piece of art creation spanning centuries old and is used to decorate ceremonial garments like on Japanese kimonos and other decorative items. This embroidery use silk threads. In this tutorial, you can learn a lot of the techniques and the appreciation of how and why the embroidery is done….

Brazilian Embroidery

Handcrafted Rose Brazilian Embroidery

Have you heard about Brazilian embroidery?¬†Yes, it was somewhat originated from Brazil. It uses high-sheen rayon thread, unlike most embroidery type which uses wool or cotton. The use of rayon thread was popularized in Brazil when the thread was widely manufactured there. Brazilian embroidery is a surface type of embroidery. The pattern is formed using…

Crewel Embroidery

Crewel Embroidery Seed Stitch Gradient Leaves

This is a really nice crewel embroidery featuring the seed stitch. It is really a nice and delicate stitch to master keeping in mind the gradient seed color as well and yet the seed stitch gives a beautiful texture to the finish and it is really beautiful to the touch. This tutorial covers crewel embroidery…

Embroidery Stitches 101

Embroidery Stitches 101

In this tutorial, we love to list the different kinds of embroidery stitches you can use that anyone can learn. It is not bound to be used on the leaves pattern but these stitches are simply amazing on all kinds of embroidery patterns. How would you stitch them? Fly Stitch Buttonhole Stitch Lazy Daisy with…

Paper Embroidery

Latest Trend in Paper Embroidery

Instead of fabric, this is embroidery on paper. It is not something new but in fact, has been around for thousands of years. The materials are practically the same; you will use the same threads but you will need to punch small holes in the paper for the threads to go through. In recent years,…

Hungarian Braided Chain Stitch

Hungarian Braided Chain Stitch

The Hungarian Braided Stitch (also called the Hungarian Braid Stitch) is similar to a reverse chain stitch or a heavy chain stitch. For those familiar with embroidery stitches, this is used when you want a heavy chain-sitch texture and feel and it looks braided on the fabric. In lots of embroidery books, it is shown…

Satin Stitch Flower Hand Embroidery

Satin Stitch Flower Embroidery

Handcrafting a satin stitch flower embroidery may well be a lost art in the near future. However, this is a skill that anyone can practice and learn and make beautiful embroidery handpieces for all occasions. We see embroidery embellished on clothing, bags, shoes, wall hangings, quilts, and table cloth. We can use these patterns and…

Hardanger Embroidery Cross Bookmark

Hardanger Embroidery Cross Bookmark

This is a great tutorial on hardanger, a traditional form of Norwegian embroidery which you can follow along in this step-by-step tutorial. At the end of the tutorial, by using the design discussed, you can create a Hardanger Cross Embroidery. The cross pattern is basically utilizing the cluster block pattern. Custer block pattern is actually…