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Knit a Scarf in Zigzag Pattern

Knit Zigzag Pattern Scarf

This pattern caught my eye (as you would too when you visited my page!) – Knit a Scarf in Zigzag Texture, perfect for experienced beginners and who are comfortable knitting using round on circular needles. If you wish to adjust…

Knitting a Cardigan Sweater Tutorial

Knit a Cardigan Sweater

This cardigan sweater is stunning and it took me a while to finish this! The knitting style is continental and evergreen. This pattern might seem complicated for complete beginners. Even though this stitch is pretty easy, but I recommended it…

Crochet & Knitting Wavy Border

Crochet Knitting Wavy Border

If you looking for a great border for either your crochet or knitting project, check this interesting pattern out. When you see the tutorial you will see that you will use both the knitting needle and crochet hook to work…