Satin Stitch Flower Embroidery

Handcrafting a satin stitch flower embroidery may well be a lost art in the near future. However, this is a skill that anyone can practice and learn and make beautiful embroidery handpieces for all occasions.

We see embroidery embellished on clothing, bags, shoes, wall hangings, quilts, and table cloth. We can use these patterns and make any simple clothes, bags, even shoes look unique and even more expensive. On items where using the embroidery machine is almost impossible (unless we flatten the item), we would need a skilled embroiderer to stitch our custom embroidery on the fabric.

This is a quick tutorial on a flower motif which is simple yet shows the technique of satin stitch flower embroidery. I hope that you would like it.

Satin Stitch Flower Hand Embroidery


Thank you for sharing. Check out our other embroidery patterns under the Embroidery category in Craft and Patterns. Enjoy!

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