Hungarian Braided Chain Stitch

The Hungarian Braided Stitch (also called the Hungarian Braid Stitch) is similar to a reverse chain stitch or a heavy chain stitch. For those familiar with embroidery stitches, this is used when you want a heavy chain-sitch texture and feel and it looks braided on the fabric.

In lots of embroidery books, it is shown to be really easy to follow but, from feedback from a newbie embroiderer, it can be rather frustrating to work when you try to pick up the inside stitch. Also, work the stitch away from you would make the stitching easier and more comfortable to work with. In this tutorial shown below, it will show the easy way to do this.

Hungarian Braided Chain Stitch


Thanks for checking out the tutorial and you may also check out our other embroidery pattern under the Embroidery category in Craft and Patterns. Enjoy!

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