Crochet Beanie Hat 3D Leaves

Crochet Beanie Hat with 3D Leaves

I love 3D crochet patterns and this one just catches my eye. I am sure you will find this is really fun and great to turn yarn into this wonderful Crochet Beanie Hat with 3D Leaves. Today’s tutorial is to make one that is one of the amazing Beanie Hat with 3D Leaves I have […]

Paper Embroidery

Latest Trend in Paper Embroidery

Instead of fabric, this is embroidery on paper. It is not something new but in fact, has been around for thousands of years. The materials are practically the same; you will use the same threads but you will need to punch small holes in the paper for the threads to go through. In recent years,

Hungarian Braided Chain Stitch

Hungarian Braided Chain Stitch

The Hungarian Braided Stitch (also called the Hungarian Braid Stitch) is similar to a reverse chain stitch or a heavy chain stitch. For those familiar with embroidery stitches, this is used when you want a heavy chain-sitch texture and feel and it looks braided on the fabric. In lots of embroidery books, it is shown

Designing A Cross Stitch Pattern
Cross Stitch

Designing a Cross Stitch Pattern

You can actually take a photograph of your design and transform the design through software into a cross-stitch design where you can use it. You may also draw your design as well, for the most part. To convert your design to cross stitch design, you would need to square off round edges. If you would

Satin Stitch Flower Hand Embroidery

Satin Stitch Flower Embroidery

Handcrafting a satin stitch flower embroidery may well be a lost art in the near future. However, this is a skill that anyone can practice and learn and make beautiful embroidery handpieces for all occasions. We see embroidery embellished on clothing, bags, shoes, wall hangings, quilts, and table cloth. We can use these patterns and

Crochet A Simple Flower

Crochet A Simple Flower Basic Tutorial

Some of you have requested a simple crochet pattern for beginners and I found this simple flower crochet pattern which is just perfect for any beginner. A shout out to Blossom Crochet. Even a 10-year-old girl was could follow this tutorial and helped her so much as other tutorials were way complicated. This tutorial is

Crochet Baby Blanket

Crochet Wave Pattern Baby Blanket

I love this unique pattern crochet baby blanket. The baby blanket just simply looks adorable in this colorful yarn combination. It is such a great design. And I love the wave pattern where it reminds me of a rainbow promises (waves) over your baby! It is just perfect as a gift for a newborn. I

Crochet Phone Case

Crochet Mobile Cell Phone Case

There are many mobile phone case but I find that this pattern is practical where you can use this as a phone case as well a beautiful handheld case or bag which you can fit your reading glasses or a purse of a bag. This crochet mobile cell phone case has a wonderful chain stitch

Crochet Baby Booties

Beautiful Crochet Baby Booties

If you are looking for beautiful looking baby booties, look no further. This is so lovely and this is something you can make and is perfect for a 3 to 6 months baby size and perfect as a handmade gift for friends and family. This pattern is also perfect for beginners as it is straightforward

Crochet Puff Flower Slippers

Crochet Puff Flower Slippers

I’m glad to have found this unique crochet slippers that you can make even as a gift to your friends, relatives and loved ones. It is beautiful and it is not so difficult to make. It is very creative and surprisingly very comfortable. They are possibly the cutest slippers I’ve ever seen. Incidentally you are


My Favorite Crochet Bear

There is always love and magic in handcrafted clothes that go beyond the colors, patterns, and even the quality of the workmanship. It is not the stitch or every knot but the love of the person whose hands imbued the love into the handcrafted masterpiece. And so it was just right that I was drawn

Knit Zigzag Pattern Scarf

Knit a Scarf in Zigzag Pattern

This pattern caught my eye (as you would too when you visited my page!) – Knit a Scarf in Zigzag Texture, perfect for experienced beginners and who are comfortable knitting using round on circular needles. If you wish to adjust the size of the scarf – just repeat or reduce the pattern in multiples of

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