Designing a Cross Stitch Pattern

You can actually take a photograph of your design and transform the design through software into a cross-stitch design where you can use it. You may also draw your design as well, for the most part.

To convert your design to cross stitch design, you would need to square off round edges. If you would like your design to look like a beautiful picture, you will want to add some simple shading. Set a light-source where the shadows on the page fall. This would take some time to master, but it can really help your designs to look more realistic.

Once the shading is done, then print your design in color or color your design with colored pencils. Check the thread color with a thread guide chart and find the matching color for your design and create a list of threads to purchase for your project.

Designing your own cross-stitch embroidery patterns can be really rewarding. It is not easy; it takes a bit of time to master, but it allows you to stitch anything you can imagine.

Designing A Cross Stitch Pattern


Create just about anything with the right look on paper and then make it come to life on fabric. You are only limited in your imagination.

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