Crochet Little Black Dress

Popular Crochet Little Black Dress Tutorial

There have been requests for that crochet little black dress that we all need for that fun night out! Of course, you still do in red, white or grey but here is the black version. The yarn used for this project is 10 skiers of Berroco Yarn Comfort Dk In Licorice which has a fiber […]

Crochet Jasmine Stitch Purse

Beautiful Crochet Jasmine Stitch Purse

You are in for a treat! I simply love this Jasmine Stitch Purse. You can really take this purse out to even on your business functions. It looks beautiful, expensive and wonderfully handmade. Nobody would know you made it yourself unless you tell them! Of course, select the color you want. For this pattern, I

Circle In Square Blanket

Crochet Circle In Square Blanket

This project is a beautiful blanket with circular colors within squares. The trick is to form the circles of color but creating a square in the end. we get a large granny square where we form them up into this beautiful blanket. This blanket is beautiful to look at but this could be a long

Waffle Stitch Beanie Crochet

Waffle Stitch Beanie Crochet Pattern

It may still not be too late to crochet a really nice Beanie (with Waffle Stitch pattern) for the beginning of the year! In most places, you will still need to keep warm and winter is still not over! I really like this waffle stitch pattern and crocheting this pattern is a joy. Check it

Crochet Socks Pattern

Crochet Socks Pattern

This is a crochet socks pattern that has a unique, intricate pattern on the side. Change with different colors or different thread fabric. As you can see, the pattern on the sides is really nice and you can wear these socks without any shoes comfortably at home. Check out the step by step tutorial to

Hardanger Embroidery Cross Bookmark

Hardanger Embroidery Cross Bookmark

This is a great tutorial on hardanger, a traditional form of Norwegian embroidery which you can follow along in this step-by-step tutorial. At the end of the tutorial, by using the design discussed, you can create a Hardanger Cross Embroidery. The cross pattern is basically utilizing the cluster block pattern. Custer block pattern is actually

Crochet Bodycon Dress

Crochet Dress Full Pattern and Tutorial

This is a simple and easy dress design. There are different kind of stitches along the way which use the same method to create this dress. Rest assured this dress is quite easy to make and you can simply adjustable the dress to any sizes if you understand the steps. The video tutorial is simply

How to Make a Gathered Skirt

How to Make a Gathered Skirt – A Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a gathered skirt by following the steps laid here. This fabric and sewing pattern looks really super cute and wonderful. I love the color and it gives that fun, summer adventure feeling about it. Try this out! Just be careful about the zipper part. Rewatch the

Floral Embroidery Pattern

Floral Embroidery Pattern for Beginners

This is a group of floral patterns perfect for embroidery beginners. You get to try out on different embroidery styles for this piece. This embroidery was stitched in a 5″ classic Darice hoop with DMC thread on cotton twill fabric. Sizes used are 5, 9, and 10 Dritz needles. The pattern was traced out with

Silk Ribbon Embroidery Rose

Silk Ribbon Embroidery Roses Pattern

If you have always wondered how silk ribbon embroidery roses are created, check this step by step tutorial out. I normally will use this embroidery pattern on beautiful dresses, skirts, bags, and even wall art. It does take some patience to get the ribbon embroidery roses shaped if you are doing it for the first time.

Knit a Cardigan Sweater

Knitting a Cardigan Sweater Tutorial

This cardigan sweater is stunning and it took me a while to finish this! The knitting style is continental and evergreen. This pattern might seem complicated for complete beginners. Even though this stitch is pretty easy, but I recommended it for the intermediate level knitters.  Many knitters would be able to follow the video instruction

Crochet Amigurumi Rabbit

How To Crochet an Amigurumi Rabbit

I have been seeing this amigurumi rabbit crochet pattern and had to try to make it. It is a fairly simple project that any level can try. This is an extremely cute and difficulty is easy to medium difficulty. You will need: DK/Light worsted weight cotton yarn (but you can use any yarn you like

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