Alpha Friendship Bracelets

Make Alpha Friendship Bracelets

Alphabet or pattern friendship bracelets are wonderful to make and are personalized gifts for your loved ones that just last for ages. They are worn but can be a decorative piece on your desk or bag. In this tutorial, you will get to see how this is done. There are many designs but this design…

Ribbon Embroidery Flower

Ribbon Embroidery Rose Pattern

This is a beautiful ribbon embroidery rose pattern. It does take some skill and a keen eye to place the rose petals right and to make the flower look beautiful and realistic. With this video tutorial, you can make the pauses to ensure your placements are right before continuing. Enjoy! Use soft silk ribbons. Flowers…

Japanese Embroidery

Beautiful Japanese Embroidery

The Japanese embroidery is a brilliant piece of art creation spanning centuries old and is used to decorate ceremonial garments like on Japanese kimonos and other decorative items. This embroidery use silk threads. In this tutorial, you can learn a lot of the techniques and the appreciation of how and why the embroidery is done….

Brazilian Embroidery

Handcrafted Rose Brazilian Embroidery

Have you heard about Brazilian embroidery?¬†Yes, it was somewhat originated from Brazil. It uses high-sheen rayon thread, unlike most embroidery type which uses wool or cotton. The use of rayon thread was popularized in Brazil when the thread was widely manufactured there. Brazilian embroidery is a surface type of embroidery. The pattern is formed using…

Tunisian Crochet Smock Stitch

Tunisian Crochet Smock Stitch Tutorial

Here we have the unique tunisian crochet smock stitch which is a real beauty here. In the tutorial you will see how the stitch goes through: The foundation forward and return pass Yarn over, bottom to top (yo) Tunisian simple stitch two together (tss2tog) Slip stitch bind off You can crochet a throw pillow with…

Crochet Afghan Pattern

Easiest Crochet Afghan Pattern

This is possibly the easiest crochet afghan pattern there is. It is perfect for beginners and is easy to follow. This pattern utilizes the thick, bulky weight yarn with a large-sized crochet hook. You can change the color of the afghan depending on your liking and it is a perfect gift that you can quickly…

Tilda Doll Crochet

Lovely Tilda Doll Crochet

This is a lovely tilda doll crochet tutorial that covers crocheting the body, limbs, setting the hair, sewing on to a beautiful skirt, putting on the face, and round it off with a matching cardigan and bootie ribbon. This pattern is also perfect for beginners and it may look complicated, but the pattern is shown…

Crochet Knit Stitch Scarf Cowl

Super Chunky Knit Stitch Scarf Cowl

This is a gorgeous super-chunky knit stitch crochet scarf. This pattern essentially utilizes the double crochet or double crochet (if you are in the UK) stitches in crochet that will give the chunky feel of the finished product. I like the look and feel of it. Although the stitches are worked using a rather large…

Crochet Knitting Wavy Border

Crochet & Knitting Wavy Border

If you looking for a great border for either your crochet or knitting project, check this interesting pattern out. When you see the tutorial you will see that you will use both the knitting needle and crochet hook to work on the the wavy border. It looks exciting and I hope that you will find…

Crochet Side Saddle Stitch

Crochet Side Saddle Stitch

I’m going to share this crochet side saddle stitch with all of you. This is a wonderful stitch that is just perfect for scarfs and cosy blankets because of its reversible nature. It looks equally wonderful on both sides. Master this pattern and you will add this wonderful crochet pattern in your arsenal of great…