Embroidery Stitches 101

In this tutorial, we love to list the different kinds of embroidery stitches you can use that anyone can learn. It is not bound to be used on the leaves pattern but these stitches are simply amazing on all kinds of embroidery patterns.

How would you stitch them?

  1. Fly Stitch
  2. Buttonhole Stitch
  3. Lazy Daisy with French knots
  4. Bullion Stitch
  5. Lazy Daisy Stitch
  6. Satin Stitch
  7. Blanket/Buttonhole Stitch
  8. Satin Stitch
  9. Cretan Stitch
  10. Fishbone Stitch

Embroidery Stitches 101


Share your creations and thanks for checking out this tutorial. You may also check out our other craft pattern under the Embroidery category in Craft and Patterns. Enjoy!

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